Introducing Italian Quality Chain – “Bringing Together Elegance & Heritage”

One of the largest jewelry productions, Italian Quality Chain is one of the oldest sterling silver chain manufactures in the market, with over 100 years in the making. Introducing classic models, IQC chains are high quality, made in Italy and are designed using the finest quality materials. Our brand utilizes the skilled artisans and new-age […]

Your Sterling Silver Jewelry – All You Need To Know

Sterling silver is popular jewelry in the fashion world because it comes with so many benefits – this jewelry never grows old! But a lot of questions arise when we consider pure silver jewelry because many people feel, that sterling silver is a cheap replacement for white gold. But it isn’t – in fact, sterling […]

Silver Sterling Jewelry: Here’s why it’s an age old trend

Though fashion has evolved over the years, you can’t deny a few facts – that elegant piece we call, a silver sterling necklace, it’s still a trendy accessory! For centuries designers have associated luxury with silver, especially since it brings together traditional values and elegance in a single piece. While stone embedded jewelry is quite […]

Best Tips to Know If Your Silver Sterling Jewelry is real

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to know what is real and what isn’t because everything can be mixed and designed, in a way where it becomes a gimmick. Silver is one of the most precious metals we have on earth that’s also considered as a noble metal because of the way it resists corrosion and oxidation. […]

Sterling Silver Jewelry: It’s The Best Fashion Accessory

Silver is a classic and soft metal by which various types of jewelry can be made. Silver is associated with status and wealth, especially since its glittering radiance blows people’s minds. Silver is also considered as the second most precious metal on earth after gold. Just like gold, silver can also be used to make […]

Italian chains manufacturers

Italian Quality Chain is a joint venture between one of the oldest Italian chains manufacturers and a large US of finished jewelry producer. Together they have more than 100 years of creativity and experience in making of jewelry and chains, their chains are found in some of the highest quality jewelry, sold around the world. […]